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Udaan Serial Full Details: Udaan serial is a popular Indian serial. udaan serial English name is Flight, Fly. (beforehand otherwise called Udann Sapnon Ki). This Serial debuted on 18 August 2014 and show weekday nights on Colors TV. It supplanted the long-running Colors TV arrangement Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. The show is delivered by Bollywood producer Mahesh Bhatt and depends on his unreleased motion picture of the equivalent name. It beforehand featured youngster performing artist Spandan Chaturvedi in a lead job. It presently stars Meera Deosthale and Vijayendra Kumeria] ahead of the pack jobs. The main promotion for the show was discharged on 10 July 2014. Udaan features the issue of fortified work in Indian towns. It is fourth longest-running Indian TV arrangement of Colors TV after Balika Vadhu, Sasural Simar Ka and Uttaran. With more than 1100 scenes, it is longest-running Indian Colors TV arrangement.

Main Cast Real Name:

  • Chakor Rajvanshi – Suraj’s wife (2016–present) real name is Meera Deosthale.
  • Suraj Rajvanshi – Chakor’s husband (2016–present) real name is Vijayendra Kumeria.
  • Imli Devi / Imli Rajvanshi / Imli Singh – Chakor’s younger sister, Vivaan and Ranvijay’s wife (2016–2018) real
  • name is Vidhi Pandya.
  • Gumaan Singh Rajvanshi – Colonel’s former. Bhagya, Suraj, Vivaan and Ragini’s cousin brother (2018) real name is Samriddhi Yadav.
  • Saanvi Rajvanshi / Anjor – Chakor and Suraj’s daughter (2018–present) real name is Samriddhi Yadav.

Udaan Serial Supporting Actors Real Name:

  1. K.turi – Chakor and Imli’s mother (2014–present) real name is Sai Deodhar.
  2. Bhuvan Lal – Chakor and Imli’s father (2014–present) real name is Rajiv Kumar.
  3. Tej.wini Rajvanshi – Bhagya and Suraj’s mother, Kamal’s 1st wife (2014–17; 2018–present) real name is Prachee Pathak.
  4. Kamal Narayan Rajvanshi – Bhagya, Suraj and Ragini’s father, Tej.wini and Ranjana’s husband (2014–17) (Dead) real name is Sai Ballal.
  5. Ranjana Rajvanshi – Vivaan’s mother real name is Ginnie Virdi.
  6. collector Ishwar Rawat – Chakor’s namesake Mausaji, Aabha’s husband (2014–15) (Dead) real name is Sandeep B.wana.
  7. Bhagya Khanna (née Bhagya Rajvanshi) – Suraj’s elder sister, Arjun’s wife (2014–16) (Left) real name is Sheetal Pandya.
  8. Lakhan Singh – Chagan’s father (2014–17) (Left) real name is Prak.h Ramchandani.
  9. Savitri – Chakor and Imli’s Dadi, Bhuvan’s mother (2014–16) (Dead) real name is Jhuma Bisw..
  10. Shakuntala Rajvanshi – Kamal and Manohar’s mother real name is Suh.ini Mulay.
  11. Manohar Narayan Rajvanshi – Kamal’s younger brother, Ranjana’s 1st husband, Vivaan’s father (2014–16) (Dead) real name is Moni Rai.
  12. Aabha Ishwar Rawat – Ishwar Rawat’s wife real name is Dolphin Dwivedi.
  13. young Chakor (2014–16) real name is Spandan Chaturvedi.
  14. Rawat (young ) (2014–16) real name is Y.h Mistry.
  15. Vivaan Rajvanshi (young ) (2014–16) real name is Wahib Kapadia.
  16. Suraj Rajvanshi (young ) (2014–16) real name is Apurv Jyotir / Darshan Gujrar.
  17. Imli (young ) (2014–16) real name is T.heen Shah.
  18. Kabir (2014) (Dead) real name is Aryan Vaid.
  19. Om (2014–15) (Left) real name is Jineet Rath.
  20. Swarnaa Rawat (2014–16) (Left) real name is Deep Kaur.
  21. Samarithan Prabhakar Rawat (2014–15) (Left) real name is Vijay Aid.ani.
  22. Arjun Khanna – Chakor’s coach, Bhagya’s husband (2015–16) (Left) real name is Vineet Raina.
  23. young Ragini Rajvanshi (2015–16) real name is Vaishnavvi Shukla.
  24. Rakesh Deshmukh (Rocky) (2015–16) (Left) real name is Naveen Sharma.
  25. Vaibhavi Deshmukh – Rocky’s mother (2015) (Dead) real name is Roma Bali.
  26. Laali (2015) (Left) real name is Nisha Pareek.
  27. Mahesh Khanna – Arjun’s brother (2015–16) (Left) real name is Amit Dolawat.
  28. Russian Jhula M.ter Peter (2015) (Dead) real name is Alexander (S.ha) Dolbenko.
  29. Vishaka (2015–16) (Left) real name is Rishina Kandhari.
  30. Principal (2015–16) (Left) real name is Nishikant Dixit.
  31. Minister (2015) (Left) real name is Shailesh Datar.
  32. Ammaji (2015–16) (Left) real name is Alpana Buch.
  33. Chagan Singh – Chakor’s namesake brother (2016–18) (Left) real name is Suresh Kumar.
  34. Vivaan Rajvanshi – Bhagya, Suraj and Ragini’s cousin and stepbrother, Imli’s 1st husband (2016–17; 2018) (Dead) real name is Par. Arora.
  35. Shikhu – Imli and Ranvijay’s Servant (2016–18) (Dead) real name is Sandeep Nuval.
  36. Aditya Rawat – Ishwar Rawat and Aabha’s son, Chakor’s friend and namesake brother (2016) (Left) real name are Varun Sharma.

More Actors Real Name:

  1. Tina Raichand – Suraj’s ex-fiancée (2016) (Left) real name is Vinny Arora.
  2. Ragini Rajvanshi – Kamal’s illegitimate daughter (2016–17; 2018) (Left) real name is Vandana Singh.
  3. Pakhi – Suraj’s namesake sister (2017–18) (Left) real name is Drisha Kalyani.
  4. Gauri Singh – Chagan’s wife (2017–18) (Left) real name is Sunidhi Chauhan.
  5. Inspector Ranvijay Singh – Imli’s 2nd husband (2017–18) (Dead) real name is Vik. Bhalla.
  6. young Pakhi (2017) real name is Chahat Tehwani.
  7. Inspector Ajay Khurana (2017) (Left) real name is Sehban Azim.
  8. Preeti Singh – Ranvijay’s younger sister (2017) (Left) real name is Sakshi Sharma.
  9. Kavya Singh – Ranvijay’s younger sister (2017) (Left) real name is Simran Khanna.
  10. Sugna – Saanvi’s adoptive mother who named her. Anjor (2018)(Dead) real name is Komal Sharma.
  11. Keshav/Kesho – Saanvi’s adoptive father who named her. Anjor (2018) real name is Neeraj Pandey (actor).
  12. Garima Singh Rajvanshi – Gumaan’s wife (2018) (Dead) real name is.tha Singh.
  13. Rohan Singh Rajvanshi – Gumaan and Garima’s son (2018–present; cameo) real name is Unknown.
  14. Tuntun – Anjor (Saanvi)’s friend (2018) real name is Avisha Shahu.
  15. Vatsala Singh Rajvanshi – Mahendra’s wife (2018-) real name is Kanika Kotnala.
  16. Gumaan’s 2nd younger brother (2018-present) real name is Unknown.
  17. Madhuri Singh Rajvanshi – Gumaan’s 2nd younger brother’s wife (2018-) real name is Unknown.
  18. Advocate Vaani Singh Rajvanshi – Gumaan’s younger sister, Bhagya, Suraj, Vivaan and Ragini’s cousin sister (2018-) real name is Sabina Jat. May You Visit This Post: Bepannah Serial All Actors Real Name And Details.
  19. Naina Bedi – Colonel’s daughter (2018) (Left) real name is Swati Kapoor.
  20. Mahendra Singh Rajvanshi – Gumaan’s younger brother, Bhagya, Suraj, Vivaan and Ragini’s cousin brother,
  21. Vatsala’s husband (2018-) real name is Abhishek Verma.
  22. Vatsala’s father, Mahendra’s father-in-law and Gumaan’s rival (2018) real name is Unknown.
  23. Bhagya, Suraj, Vivaan and Ragini’s aunt, Gumaan, Mahendra and Vaani’s mother (2018-) real name is Unknown.
  24. Colonel Y.hvant Bedi – Imli’s former gun dealer, Naina’s father (2018) (Dead) real name is Mahesh Thakur.
  25. Kanchan Bedi – Colonel’s younger sister, Naina’s Bua (2018) (Left) real name is Kajal Pisal.
  26. RAW Officer Abhay (2018) (Left) real name is Kiran Janjani.
  27. RAW Agent Vishal – Abhay’s.sistant (2018) (Left) real name is Abhil.h Chaudhary.
  28. Raksha (2018; cameo) real name is Ayesha Vindhya.
  29. Karan Oberoi – Chakor and Suraj’s business partner (2018) (Dead) real name is Keith Sequeira.

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