Savitri Devi College & Hospital Serial All Actor’s Real Name and Details

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Savitri Devi College and Hospital Serial Details: Full serial created by Rashmi Sharma and written by Virendra Shahaney, Rashmi Sharma, Shruti Tiwari, Rajesh Dubey, Priyaom Jha, Vinay Chhawal, Sharad Chandra Tripathi, and Sancheeta Bose. Savitri Devi College & Hospital is a Popular Indian serial, Every telecast on Colors TV, Started from 29 September 2017.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital Serial All Actors Real Name.

Main Actors Real Name:

  • Dr. Sanchi Veer Malhotra real name is Swarda Thigale.
  • Doctor Veer Malhotra real name is Varun Kapoor.

Savitri Devi College and Hospital Serial Supporting Actors Real Name:

  1. Vikram Sakhalkar. Doctor Kabir Kapoor real name is
  2. Dr. Pragya Yadav/Veer & Sanchi’s Best friend real name is Neha Bagga.
  3. Jaya Mishra/Sanchi’s mother real name is Shilpa Shirodkar.
  4. Nayantara/Ghost/Spirit real name is Arshi Khan.
  5. Dr. Isha Negi/Veer & Sanchi’s friend real name is Sharan Kaur.
  6. Dr. Anand Malhotra/Veer, Priya and Riya’s father/Savitri and Gayatri’s husband real name is Mohan Kapoor.
  7. Savitri Devi Anand Malhotra/ Doctor Anand’s first wife / Veer’s & Priya’s Mother / Protagonist / Sanchi’s mother in law) real name is Nishigandha Wad.
  8. Gayatri Anand Malhotra / Doctor Anand’s second wife/Antagonist/Riya’s Mother real name is Sonica Handa.
  9. Sunny Sunil Mishra/Sanchi’s younger brother real name is Gautham Ahuja/Rohit Chandel.
  10. Satish/Pragya Fiancee real name is Aakash Talwar.

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Some Doctor’s Real Name:

  1. Dr. Bala real name is Aliya Naaz.
  2. Doctor Ram real name is Ghara Ram.
  3. Dr. Madhu real name is Meghna Datta.
  4. Doctor Garv real name is Garv Bajaj.
  5. Dr. Aneesh real name is Aneesh Sharma.
  6. Doctor Abhimanyu real name is Pratik Parihar.

Others Real Name:

  1. Sumitra Devi Malhotra / Anand & Adarsh’s mother/Veer, Priya & Riya’s grandmother real name is Shivaani Sopuri.
  2. Kusum Kapoor / Kabir’s mother / Riya’s mother in law real name is Aparna Ghoshal.
  3. Ms. Fernandes real name is Priya Malik.
  4. Sanket Sharma / Priya’s ex-lover real name is Alan Kapoor.
  5. Mr. Chawla / Vikrant’s father real name is Aashish Kaul.
  6. Neeta Adarsh Malhotra / Anand’s sister-in-law / Adarsh’s wife / Veer, Priya & Riya’s aunt real name is Kishwar Merchant/Kajal Pisal.
  7. Pratik / Patient of Dr. Isha real name is Suchit Vikram Singh.
  8. Dr. Ayesha Khurana (A fake doctor, now on jailed) real name is Prerna Panwar.
  9. Vaidehi / Gayatri’s mother / Antagonist real name is Vandana Pathak.
  10. Chandan/servant (Already Dead) real name is Chandan Singh.
  11. Naina real name is Madhurima Tuli.
  12. Priya Vikrant Chawla (nee Priya Anand Malhotra/Veer’s elder sister / Anand & Savitri’s daughter (Already Dead) real name is Shruti Kanwar.
  13. Vikrant Chawla / Priya’s husband (Now on Jailed) real name is Yuvraj Malhotra.
  14. Dr. Riya Kapoor neé Malhotra / Kabir Wife real name is Akansha Sareen.
  15. Mishri Veer Malhotra / Veer’s Wife (Already Dead) real name is Mugdha Chaphekar.

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