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Netaji Srial Details: The new serial ‘Netaji’ is going to come to Bengal screen The serial of Bengal’s house boy will show the story of becoming a crusader. Recently, Zee Bangla Netaji launched the first promo of the serial.

Promo is going to see the old Calcutta. The British Government has sentenced the revolutionary Khudiram Basu to the gallows in the newly hanged class. After that the fires of protests protests across the country fires of the fires The fire of ignorance has also fallen in Kolkata. Indian patriotic children rallying in the streets of the city are gathering rally The English attacked their police force and tortured the procession. In such a situation, it is seen that the gap between the window of the house is filled with the eyes of the small path of Subhash Chandra Bose. Learn About Other Serial Zee Bangla.

When Subhash came to the house wearing the school uniform, he said to the boy, “Today the school inspector will come, do not make any trouble today.” Subhash asked the mother only, ‘Khudiram Basu killed the country for the country?’ Chaktika mother worried about the scar tears boy. Basavadatti Chatterjee is the mother of the role. In the next scene is seen. All the students sing a song of praise to the British government to welcome him to the school. From the middle of them, Subhash came forward and said, ‘Bhartiya will see the hanging smile on parody’ and singing loud voice. The rest of the students gathered one after him. The English soldiers caught up on them surrounded them. How to get rid of such a small step, all the noble leaders of the world are waiting to see the story now.

Challenging Work For Abhishek Basu:

Though Abhishek worked in a series of earlier films, the character is perhaps the most challenging in his career so far.

TV actor Abhishek Basu is going to make his debut in this big role. The new series ‘Netaji’ will be coming out in the 8th slot in G Bangla. There, it will be seen in the role of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose that Abhishek will be seen. But before that Shuvashchandra’s childhood role will be in the role of child artist Ankit Hajra. Popular TV actress Basvadatta Chattopadhyay is returning to television via ‘Netaji’ series.

Though Abhishek worked in a series of earlier films, the character is perhaps the most challenging in his career so far. However, ‘Netaji’ is coming in the ‘outline’ serial slot. And the main character in the border also had anointing in the role of victory. At this time, waiting for the audience to see how much he has done in the new character.

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