Mayurpankhi Serial Details And Actors Real Name.

Mayurpankhi Serial Details Star Jalsha

Mayurpankhi Serial Details: Mayurpankhi Serial is a popular serial on Star Jalsha. The serial promo was published on 10 October 2018 with Facebook Star Jalsha Official Page.

There are so many plays in Star Jalas. But most of these plays are almost identical. But this is the first time that a different serial is being published which is the story of love, but the story Mayurpankhi of this love has been enhanced through an exaggeration. This play has been done by two popular actors and actresses. Among the heroes who have been acting, they have been known through advertising. Other popular through Colors Bangla.

The heroine of the Mayurpunkhi serial is very familiar to you. Colors This heroine was a popular serial silk jumping in Bengal. There he became very popular by acting. Of course, you want to know the name of your heroine. The name of the name is Sohani Roy.

Of course, you want to know about Main mail actor’s identity. Main mail actor’s name is Som Mukherjee. She became popular with everyone by advertising an ad.


Main Actor’s Real Name:

  1. Ishani real name is Sohani Roy.
  2. Sauradip real name is Som Mukherjee.


Serial Story of MayurPankhi.

The drama is an exceptionally dramatic play. In the passion of this play, it is seen that in the first place, a heroic ceremony is performed. There the hero likes to see his first home. Since then, she continues to follow the heroine. They are in a journal where the hero goes along with two heroes as well as the heroine.

As well as walking in two boats, the heroine is doing a song. When Naik (Sauradip) saw him from the side boat and he heard the song and he liked it, he took a picture with his camera. Then everyone around the Ishani said to the fact that you are taking a picture. The heroine fell into the water and saw the sunrise as soon as she jumped into the water to rescue the heroine. May You Visit: Devi Choudhurani Serial Full Details And All Actors Real Name.

Then, it was almost evening to find Ishani and when they found Sauradip and Ishani, they went very far from the boat. They are no longer able to find the boat because of the evening due to them. And because the girl is unconscious, Srodip went to her in a neighborhood. There, he started burning fire and trying to heal the girl. Then, when the knowledge of the revelation comes back, the scary beings are afraid. Then, Solaria consoled Ishani and there is nothing to be afraid of here. I have rescued you here. I will not allow any harm to you and you can trust me. In this, the girl feared a little over him, and thus, relied on one another. And there is a lot of love between them. This is the beginning of the incident.

Solaria confirms the fact that he will always be with the beggar and will try to save him from all dangers.

Final Text For Mayurpankhi Serial.

Hopefully, this new story Mayurpankhi will touch the hearts of all of you and you will enjoy this story. Thank you sincerely for reading this our story Mayurpankhi. Hope you will visit our website regularly. Subscribe to our channel to get the latest news and keep any notifications on our website. Hope you like this story: Tekka Raja Badshah Serial Full Details And All Actors Real Name.

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