Bepannah Serial All Actors Real Name And Details

Bepannah Serial

Bepannah Serial related with English serial Endless. This serial is a romantic drama show, that telecast on Colors TV. The show started from 19 March 2018.

Full Serial creating person is Aniruddha Rajderkar and writing by Prakriti Mukherjee. Three directed for this serial who is Aniruddha Rajderkar, Vikram Labhe, and Yogesh Pundir. Bepannah  Composer is Rahul Jain. Telecast country is India and serial Original language is Hindi. Serial telecast channel is Colors TV.

Beside, Zoya Siddiqui and Aditya Hooda are both individuals brought related with one another.

Bepannah Serial Story:

Aditya and Zoya discover that their life partners Pooja and Yreal name ish have been discovered dead together in a street mischance. And find that the two were engaging in extramarital relations. Aditya channels his anguish into dispersal name insure while Zoya goes into dissent. She real name issues control over Yreal name ish’s organization and Aditya proclaims himself her accomplice in the wake of learning Pooja had put his c real name is into the organization.

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Aditya and Zoya get legal documents from their life partners that contact them late. Unfit to keep running from reality any longer, Zoya endeavors suicide yet is spared with Aditya help. Real name is the two bonds, a baffling CBI auditor named Rajveer Khanna enters their lives with a persevering appetite to put them in the slammer. He trusts that they are blameworthy for the homicide of their companions and the two all things considered. Having developed to mind enough to confide in each other, Aditya and Zoya go on the race to demonstrate their blamelessness.

6 Months Later:

Zoya is an effective business person; Aditya stays in Paris. Sakshi gets help from Anjana. Zoya bolsters Noor and Arjun when she comes to know about their affection for one another. After Aditya returns home, he discovers Zoya a more certain and emphatic individual while he himself real name is turned out to be calmer. Their companionship sprouts real name is they start getting to know each other. Aditya feels new feelings emerging in his heart for Zoya. He understands that his real name is experienced real name and passionate feelings for her.

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All Actors Real Name:

Primary Actors Real Name:

  • Aditya Hooda real name is Harshad Chopda.
  • Zoya Siddiqui real name is Jennifer Winget.


Repeating Actors Bepannah Serial Real Name:

  1. Arjun Hooda real name is Shehzad Shaikh, Aditya’s more youthful sibling.
  2. Noor Siddiqui real name is Aanchal Goswami, Zoya’s more youthful sister.
  3. Harshvardhan real name is Rajesh Khattar “Cruel” Hooda, Aditya and Arjun’s dad.
  4. Anjana Hooda real name is Parineeta Borthakur, Aditya and Arjun’s mom.
  5. Iqbal Azad Wreal real name names seem Siddiqui, Zoya and Noor’s dad.
  6. Roshnaq Siddiqui real name is Aaryaa Sharma, Zoya and Noor’s mom.
  7. Dr. Arshad Habib real name is Taher Shabbir.
  8. Yreal name ish Arora real name is Sehban Azim, Zoya’s first spouse.
  9. Pooja Hooda real name is Namita Dubey, Aditya’s first spouse.
  10. Mahi Arora real name is Vaishnavi Dhanraj, Yreal name ish’s more youthful sister.
  11. Madhu Arora real name is Shweta Gautam, Yreal name ish and Mahi’s mom.
  12. Sakshi Mathur real name is Mallika Nayak, Pooja’s mom.


Other Actors Real Name:

  1. Rajveer Khanna real name is Apurva Agnihotri CBI Officer.
  2. Mona real name is Farah Lakhani.
  3. Akanksha real name is Palak Jain.
  4. Mithilesh Ji real name is Arun Sharma.
  5. Bhatia Shaun real name is Yreal.
  6. Isher Vinod real name is Nitesh Prreal.
  7. Sagarika Virani real name is Manisha Marzara.
  8. Kalpesh Virani real name is Rushil Bangia.
  9. Sumer Virani real name is Sidhant Kapoor.
  10. Kanti Virani real name is Chandra Khanna.
  11. Urfi Javed is the real name, of Bella.

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